The opening chapter gave the reader a good sense of impending danger. The strange comet that has strayed out of the Oort Cloud screams “look out” to the reader. One can easily anticipate much of the action that is soon to follow, and the reader should really be looking forward to it.

The story has a really fun premise. Wolf tries to stop a comet from destroying the Earth. His efforts fail, and he is placed in suspended animation. Much like Buck Rogers, he returns to the Earth in the far future. The place has been devastated (split into two), and it has reverted back to a Medieval technological base. Wolf throws his lot in with a noble group trying to stem the oppressive tide of Joran’s bad guys. His newly found superpowers (strength and invulnerability) help make him a huge asset. While not particularly unique, it can still be a very fun story.

The setting in this story is really creative. It has a lot of neat details, like the aforementioned women being shunned thing. In addition, an astronaut returning to a ravaged Earth gives the reader warm, pulp-era vibes. Buck Rogers, Planet of the Apes (not a pulp, but still good), and countless other stories spring to mind.

 Wolf is a physically imposing character with an interesting background. He is heroic, which is a great way to form a connection with the reader. He is also likable and chivalrous.

The narrative usually focuses on a lot of action, which is good for

a tale of this sort.

This is a fun story idea that is really reminiscent of some of the great pulp stories. Like Buck Rogers, Wolf travels via suspended animation to a future Earth. He acquires superpowers and uses them to hold back a tyrant. Along the way, he falls in love with his ship’s AI, creating a great character dynamic that only gets more complicated when their mutual friend, Nala, runs into problems. There are just so many wonderful setting details.

     There are some wonderful character dynamics, such as between Wolf and Syn. Wolf is certainly a likable guy. There is a balance between dialogue and action in the story, which is good.